New radio station mixes old with new: Boom Radio

Over the past year BBC Radio 2 has been surreptitiously phasing out music from the 1960s and 1970s. This is being done despite the fact that the music is extremely popular with the station’s listeners.

The station is doing this as it wants to attract younger audience. No one is quite sure why they feel the need to do this. Youth isn’t a guarantee of an audience. One has only to see how Zoe Ball – supposedly seen as someone with appeal to younger listeners – has lost more a millions listeners over the past year.

I predict that BBC Radio 2 will lose even more listeners as a result of their ageist policy. To aid this loss of listeners as new radio station has launched aimed specifically at what is called the Baby Boom generation or Boomers.

The station is Boom Radio UK – although the UK doesn’t appear in its logo or isn’t even mentioned much. The UK is necessary however as there is already a Boom Radio in the USA or Boomstation to give it its correct title.

Boom Radio UK plays a wide mixture of music from the 1950s to the present day. Judging by the amount of advertising it has built up over its first week, Boom Radio looks set to succeed.

And it’s certainly making its mark in the UK not to mention Ireland, the US and various part of Europe.

Not only do I want it to succeed but also to teach the BBC Radio bosses that they shouldn’t turn their backs on their audience.

Listen to Boom Radio UK on DAB or download the app and listen online.