Brexit Bill to undertake European tour

Solo artist Brexit Bill is to undertake his first continental tour in 2019 when his contract with the 28-piece band The Europeans comes to an end.

With his contract due to run out in two years time, Brexit Bill said: “It is time for me to go it alone. It worked for Robbie Williams, Diana Ross and Frankie Valli, so I think it’ll work for me.

“They all started as part of a group but soon discovered that they could so much further as a solo act.”

Starting as a solo artist will no be all smooth sailing for Brexit Bill.

“I don’t actually intend to do much sailing or flying in the future. I’ll be keeping myself to myself.”

Among the hurdles Brexit Bill will have to climb perhaps the hardest will be how he leaves the group and still remains friends with the other members.  In the past he has argued and fought with some of them.

At several times in history the animosity between Brexit Bill and the other members of the band was so bad that it was described as a war.

Asked if his name had any special meaning, Brexit Bill said: “Brexit means Brexit.”


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